Friday, December 12, 2008

Number 32 (i think)

Cant remeber the movie but - 'I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast'
'You eat pieces of shit for breakfast?'

Hey All. Ian here. Odd is currently offline so I'm putting stuff up. Sorry about the break, as soon as we are earning enough money from this comic to support ourselves we will stop this from happening.
Lose the game

Monday, December 8, 2008


Hey all.
So Odd tells me that as the writer of the comic, I am obliged to post comment and complaints in the form of regular Rants.
I'm supposed to pick up on random points of peeviness and carry on as a form of filling out the readers experience of the comic, and giving them and idea as to who i am.
or something like that. i was a bit baked when he told me.
So now, I have finally got rights to edit this thing, and the first thing I want to bring up is my official protest againts having to Rant.
Why is this a requirement for the modern web comic? Everyone does it, but why?
Do you, the readers, demand it? Is writing a web comic such a frustrating vocation that the only way to deal with it is to spout lyrical and farcical in between creating the comic?
I have read countless Garfield, Far Side, Blondie, Wizard of Id, and have yet to read, or expect any comment from them other than that contained in the Comic. Do these print artists get special exemption from this, or do they (I havent checked) keep their Rants a more private matter?
When myself and Odd decided to make Loosely Based, I thought that I was just writing a strip that he was drawing.
As soon as we get a nice website I am informed of my other duties.
I will try rant here a bit, but until i 'get' the concept, dont expect too much from them.
I just felt that I should open up this one way (ooooooh, but I commented--so what, i probably wont read it) channel of communication with this Rant, the anti-Rant Rant.